Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Generative Systems: Colour & Light


I selected numbers on a lottery ticket using the lucky dip option. I then used these numbers to express colour and light. I chose to count the colours around the colour wheel going clock wise as many times as was required.

The pages below reveal the colours my numbers fell on, where the larger circle reveals the final colour I landed on. I adjusted the opacity of the colours to reveal the amount of times I had to count around the wheel. The lighter the colour, the smaller the number, the darker the colour the more larger the number.

System: Chance
I span a pencil in the centre of the colour wheel the amount of times my numbers required me to. the final colour revealed is the last colour the pencil pointed to. The specific numbers are reflected in the size of circle.

System: Progression
I used teh data I collected from my chance experiment. This time I noted down every colour teh pencil pointed to, I have listed the colour progressivley.

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