Friday, March 20, 2009

Found art work book

This book I created is more of a collection of pieces. Its a systematic record of when I walked down a road in Digbeth in birmingham. It is a place where there is a lot of urban art work pasted on the walls. I cam about this idea when walking there one morning. The system I set in place was to tear as much of the every poster I could in one tear, This was done from one corner downwards until the paper ripped off. This would form the documentation of my journey through Digbeth. Instead of binding the artwork in a structured form I felt a neatly folded collection would be better, binding it with a piece of rope. This allows the viewer to open out the pages and rummage around, letting the pieces be freer in the same way I saw them on my journey.

Fold out newsprint Journey book

I went on a short walk and took pictures of the tops of buildings every 3 minutes no matter where I was. This book expresses this quick journey. i made this book from cheap newsprint paper to express the 'grimeyness' of the buildings and city around me. My choice of paper also reflects my love of newsprint!

Double exposure 'Communication' book

for this book I used my double exposed photographs to form a bound book. The images represent ideas around the word ' communication'. I took one set of images around this idea and then sent the film to somebody in London, who then took the second set of exposures around the same theme. resulting in exciting images that could not have been predicted.

Experimental folds

Smaller printed City books

City fold out watercolour books

These watercolour and ink fold out books express a city scape. They fold open to reveal my illustration form page to page. There is constant line that flows from each building expressing a telephone wire, where finally the line ends up at a phone box at the end.

Systematic Underground Tube book

This accordion book was made around the idea of using the tube window as a frame. So from Angel and Elephant and Castle I used the stops in between as the system where by I took pictures out of the same window of what ever appeared at each stop. The images created are totally random and couldn't have been predicted. They were random selections of bill boards on the London underground.

Workshop with year 4 children

I put on a work shop with year 4 children from Graiseley Primary School. Overall the workshop was successful and the children were fun to work with as they seemed very interested in my ideas and approach within illustration. I showed them my books and folding techniques as well as my Ink illustration technique which they seemed to love! We created three piece creature drawings which then combined with the rest of the groups would create a book with interchanging body parts. The concept appeared exciting to the children, and we are all eagerly awaiting the finished result in a book form that will be sold a book fairs and to the school.

Leeds Artists' Book Fair 2009

I Sold some of my books at the Leeds book fair. One Of my Systematic Journey books was sold to the Tate Britain Collection and another to the Regional College Of Art. The Tate collection archive is open to the pubic (

The City

This is my small silk screen book where I used my illustrations of the city in creating the images. I wanted to create the same kind of effect in these as my watercolor pieces posses, so overlaid colour.

My Edinburgh journey book

Similar to my Birmingham journey book I took a walk around Edinburgh where I again went through the same system in photographing my experience.