Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scarthin Book Shop

Magical book shop I came across in Cromford.

Exposure Programme

I designed and hand folded 300 programmes for a theatre production called Exposure. These were to be handed out to viewers on the night of the production.

a double page spread

if the programme is unfolded, a poster of the event can be found

The Empty Shop Project

In conjunction with a theatre production called Exposure I was part of creating an installation in an empty shop in Derby. The installation was inspired by the scripts used in Exposure.

There was also a collaborative piece that involved participants to help write a sentence each to make up a story. The story ran across stepping stone shaped paper that lead up to a wendy house.

Fifth Word Theatre workshop poster and flyer design

Art Foundation Artists' Book workshop and presentation

I put together an Artists' Book workshop for students in an Art Foundation class at Derby Round House.The workshop required students to experiment in different forms and shapes a book can take. I demonstrated techniques that students could further build upon to use in their individual practice. I also presented the books that I have created and discussed the concepts behind my pieces of work.