Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scarthin Book Shop

Magical book shop I came across in Cromford.

Exposure Programme

I designed and hand folded 300 programmes for a theatre production called Exposure. These were to be handed out to viewers on the night of the production.

a double page spread

if the programme is unfolded, a poster of the event can be found

The Empty Shop Project

In conjunction with a theatre production called Exposure I was part of creating an installation in an empty shop in Derby. The installation was inspired by the scripts used in Exposure.

There was also a collaborative piece that involved participants to help write a sentence each to make up a story. The story ran across stepping stone shaped paper that lead up to a wendy house.

Fifth Word Theatre workshop poster and flyer design

Art Foundation Artists' Book workshop and presentation

I put together an Artists' Book workshop for students in an Art Foundation class at Derby Round House.The workshop required students to experiment in different forms and shapes a book can take. I demonstrated techniques that students could further build upon to use in their individual practice. I also presented the books that I have created and discussed the concepts behind my pieces of work.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Recycling unneeded pages of my Double Exposure Building book


I put on an Artists' Book workshop in Solihull Art Gallery. The pages of the book consisted of photographs I had systematically captured that documented a walk around the building itself. I used a simple framing method when photographing my images. And demonstrated simple folds and binding techniques that would be needed to make the book a finished piece.

Solihull Book Fair

my work

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Framing the world

I am currently working on the idea of 'framing the world around me'. Systematically documenting places I am exploring by framing sections, visually expressing what I see and leaving the space around my frame so that the viewer can make sense of the visions I see, as well as thinking about what the image could represent if the space around it was taken away..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Solihull Gallery fold up



I have been commissioned by the Solihull Gallery to design a fold up card that mirrors the style of the 'Systematic Journey Books' I have produced.
These cards will be used as promotional material at the gallery and also distributed nationally to other galleries.

The idea is to promote the Artists' Book exhibition that will run from March to May 2010 by distributing a card that could be folded into an Artists' Book. Another aspect of the brief was to raise awareness of Solihull Gallery, I did this by generating a systematic approach that would document the building itself. I recorded my walk around Solihull Art Gallery/Library by taking a photograph after every 20 paces, looking up. The selection of images are totally unpredictable and depict Solihull Gallery from my own view point.

I will be exhibiting my Systematic Journey Books for the duration of the exhibition.

Selling work at the Solihull Book Fair on 20th March as well as a short demonstration on a folded book technique.

My workshop will run on the 6th May. It will consist of paper folding to create books that can open out based upon the idea that an object can become art through its individual form.