Thursday, October 15, 2009

2nd Sheffield Artists' Book prize exhibition

On the following link you can see my name under people that have contributed to the exhibition. They have my '5 minute Systematic Book' in their exhibiton which is the book I sent in for the competition.

If you scroll down where it says '2nd Sheffield Artists' book prize exhibition - 8th October - October 31st' you can see a list of the contributors (which is where you can see my name :O) ). Not sure who the winners are yet, will have to wait and see...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My work in the Tate Britain archive

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 Minute Systematic Journey Book

I created this book to express a journey that I took around Birmingham. I systematically recorded the journey by taking a photograph of my surroundings at 5 minutes intervals. The camera was angled upwards towards the sky, as this was my perspective throughout my journey. The book folds out to give the viewer a sense that they are entering into a different place and going on the same journey that I went on. This book has been selected for both the Tate Britain archive and the Regional College of Art archive.
I have also used the same system and form to create a book based upon a journey in Edinburgh and I have sold copies of both books at various specialised artists’ books fairs.

Large Systematic Journey Book

After constructing my small 5 Minute Systematic Journey Book, I created a large-scale version. The idea behind this was to make the book more life size making the viewer feel as if they were actually at the places I photographed along my journey, also inviting them to interact with the piece as it obstructs their personal space.

Second take on the 5 Minute Systematic Journey Book

Taking the ideas around my previous 5 Minute Systematic Book further, I chose to go on the same journey but document it in a different way. Rather than looking up, this time I took photographs looking forwards, backwards and to the left and right of me whilst standing in the same positions as I did to take my previous books’ images.
I also made my own fish-eyed lens for the digital camera, which created three circular areas to express my surroundings. The fish-eyed lens effect creates the idea whereby it looks as though you are peeking out at the world that I was in.

20 Step Cathedral Book

Birmingham Cathedral is located in the centre of Birmingham. It is a beautiful structural form, which is so large that it is difficult to appreciate it all in one go. To communicate this idea I took a photograph looking upwards every 20 steps whilst walking around the Cathedral. When expressing the images in the book I included those which emphasised the idea of looking right and the left, leaving blank what was in the middle, inviting the viewer to put the pieces together and visualise what I saw.

Folded 20 Step Cathedral Book

Birmingham Cathedral is located in the centre of Birmingham. It is a beautiful structural form, which is so large that it is difficult to appreciate it all in one go. To communicate this idea I took a photograph looking upwards every 20 steps whilst walking around the Cathedral. When expressing the images in the book I placed the images towards the centre of the book and folded the pages to create a structural form. The folds are reminiscent of a steeple or spire of a cathedral or church. The book appears to tower up in its shape just as a building does.

London Underground Tube Stop Books

These sets of accordion books were made around the idea of using the window of an underground train as a frame in which a composition could be placed. I used every stop as the system whereby I took a photograph of whatever appeared through the window frame at each stop. The images created were unpredictable and express my short tube journey. The images were random selections of billboards on the London underground, recreating an existing piece of design into a new design.I created a set of 5 books whereby I traveled across zone 1 along 5 different lines that I happened to use on a particular journey in London. The lines I used were the Northern Line, Central Line, Bakerloo Line, Victoria Line and Jubilee Line. I timed how long it took to get from each stop to the next, keeping the information within the book factual to put emphasis on my systematic approach, which adds interest to the unpredictable nature of the imagery that is formed as the outcome.

Newsprint Horizon Book

I went on a short walk and took photographs of the point at which the tops of buildings touched the sky every 3 minutes. This book expresses my quick journey, producing images that are totally unpredictable. I made this book from newsprint paper to represent the ‘grimeyness’ of the buildings and city around me, which adds to the experience of viewing this book.

Screen Printed Horizon Book

I screen printed the negative spaces formed within the images from the Newsprint Horizon Book, putting emphasis on the hand-made qualities it creates, making the sky and details appear black and the buildings appear white. I wanted to express the same systematic journey in another form that was an abstract representation.

Horizon Concertina Book

Using the images of the horizons that I used as the documentation of my walk in the Newsprint Horizon Book, I created a new city sky line by piecing the separate horizons together which had formerly been 3 minutes walking distance apart in my systematic recording. In creating a new skyline I have constructed a new place that does not exist.

Systematic Creature Book

This book was created whilst I was organising an event based upon the theme of ‘Creatures’. The event included an exhibition room where I displayed this Creature Book. The images created worked to a system whereby I took a 15 minute walk on a sunny day with a friend. We stopped at every shadow we came across on our journey and I photographed the image of my friends shadow merging with the existing shadow on the ground. This system transformed the shadows into creature-like forms. The large-scale sizing of this book adds to the sinister nature of the images, as they appear larger and life-like.

Screen Printed Sign Post Books

This set of 8 books conveys a walk I went on to Birmingham Cathedral. I photographed every signpost I passed along the way and in addition to this I angled my camera in the direction of each arrow on each particular signpost, expressing the space around me. I came across 7 signposts on the way. The last book folds out to reveal a full image of Birmingham Cathedral, which was my final destination.

Double Exposure Building Book

I systematically recorded buildings along my walk with my fish-eyed lens film camera, double exposing the images to create surreal images. The photographs produced appear mirror imaged. Putting emphasis on the angles of the architecture around me also on how surreal the experience can be. Areas of negative space have been cut out so when the book is opened out in daylight, these areas such as the windows appear to glow.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I Recently just finished my degree and produced a selection of Artists' Books based upon my daily journeys of my Final Major Project. This is a photograph taken of my exhibited work.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Creature is one of many event I've put on. The night consists of live art, and exhibition, break dancing and DJ's. The event expresses the underground art scene in Birmingham.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Installation piece

For an idea for my next piece i created a long trail of 'O's along the span of a till roll, to express some sort of snails trail or the idea of a long caterpillar also sprang to mind. I wanted to stretch this composition across and area that would mimic the kind of place that the creature may live in.... I set up my work in some near by woods. I then went along my piece and photographed it every two steps to see where areas of my composition landed, it may've been amongst plants, water and leaves.

This is a short video expressing the journey along me piece.

Monday, April 6, 2009

An interesting collection of cats


Badges ready for the Liverpool book fair in June. The set of 4 was made up of 4 artists. myself, Charlotte, Aimee and Yolande.

BRISTOL artists' book fair 4th and 5th April

Friday, March 20, 2009

Found art work book

This book I created is more of a collection of pieces. Its a systematic record of when I walked down a road in Digbeth in birmingham. It is a place where there is a lot of urban art work pasted on the walls. I cam about this idea when walking there one morning. The system I set in place was to tear as much of the every poster I could in one tear, This was done from one corner downwards until the paper ripped off. This would form the documentation of my journey through Digbeth. Instead of binding the artwork in a structured form I felt a neatly folded collection would be better, binding it with a piece of rope. This allows the viewer to open out the pages and rummage around, letting the pieces be freer in the same way I saw them on my journey.

Fold out newsprint Journey book

I went on a short walk and took pictures of the tops of buildings every 3 minutes no matter where I was. This book expresses this quick journey. i made this book from cheap newsprint paper to express the 'grimeyness' of the buildings and city around me. My choice of paper also reflects my love of newsprint!

Double exposure 'Communication' book

for this book I used my double exposed photographs to form a bound book. The images represent ideas around the word ' communication'. I took one set of images around this idea and then sent the film to somebody in London, who then took the second set of exposures around the same theme. resulting in exciting images that could not have been predicted.