Tuesday, August 11, 2009

London Underground Tube Stop Books

These sets of accordion books were made around the idea of using the window of an underground train as a frame in which a composition could be placed. I used every stop as the system whereby I took a photograph of whatever appeared through the window frame at each stop. The images created were unpredictable and express my short tube journey. The images were random selections of billboards on the London underground, recreating an existing piece of design into a new design.I created a set of 5 books whereby I traveled across zone 1 along 5 different lines that I happened to use on a particular journey in London. The lines I used were the Northern Line, Central Line, Bakerloo Line, Victoria Line and Jubilee Line. I timed how long it took to get from each stop to the next, keeping the information within the book factual to put emphasis on my systematic approach, which adds interest to the unpredictable nature of the imagery that is formed as the outcome.

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