Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Solihull Gallery fold up



I have been commissioned by the Solihull Gallery to design a fold up card that mirrors the style of the 'Systematic Journey Books' I have produced.
These cards will be used as promotional material at the gallery and also distributed nationally to other galleries.

The idea is to promote the Artists' Book exhibition that will run from March to May 2010 by distributing a card that could be folded into an Artists' Book. Another aspect of the brief was to raise awareness of Solihull Gallery, I did this by generating a systematic approach that would document the building itself. I recorded my walk around Solihull Art Gallery/Library by taking a photograph after every 20 paces, looking up. The selection of images are totally unpredictable and depict Solihull Gallery from my own view point.

I will be exhibiting my Systematic Journey Books for the duration of the exhibition.

Selling work at the Solihull Book Fair on 20th March as well as a short demonstration on a folded book technique.

My workshop will run on the 6th May. It will consist of paper folding to create books that can open out based upon the idea that an object can become art through its individual form.

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  1. Hi just had a flyer and your folding Book thru the post from Solihull library. I had to fold and cut....... ingenious and has given me some views of the library I have not seen in 30-odd years of using it. Looking forward to seeing your display during the exhibition.